ACBL Unit 539
San Diego Partnership Desk
At ACBL Unit 539 - San Diego

We recommend that you login when looking at the Partnership Desk
so that the system can highlight possible matches for you.


1. Look at the list of Partnership Requests below and contact the person looking for a partner. If you are looking for a partner for a specific game, go to the List of Games and see if there is a partnership icon next to the game title. If there is, click on it to see the partnership requests for that specific game.

If you can't find a partner in the list you can Create Your Own Request. On the partnership request form you can specify whch game you want a partner for and add a description of the type of partner you are looking for. If you check the option to send emails to potential partners the system will help you find suitable people who have played at our club before. Select the ones you like and an automatic email request will be sent to them in your name. Note that you must be registered with BridgeResults and logged in to submit a Partnership Request.

Create a new Partnership Request

Partnership Requests

There are no partnership requests at this time. Please check again later.

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